The Blue Caftan

Nov 22, 2023 - 19:30 - Corn Exchange

  • Director: Maryam Touzani
  • Year: 2022
  • Country: France/Morocco/Belgium/Denmark
  • Run Time: 122 mins
  • Ratings
  • A: 55
  • B: 37
  • C: 13
  • D: 4
  • E: 3
  • Overall: 81
The Blue Caftan

Winner of many international awards last year, writer-director Maryam Touzani’s follow-up to her acclaimed 2019 debut Adam is a rich, complex slow-burn drama set in the Moroccan city of Salé. Halim and Mina run a traditional caftan store in one of the country’s oldest medinas, producing beautifully finished hand-sewn garments. In order to keep up with demanding customers, they hire a talented young apprentice. His presence unlocks a long-kept secret which threatens the couple’s relationship. “An exquisitely tender tribute to love in its purest expression”.